If you are looking for an Invisalign dentist in Alice Springs, call Alice Springs Family Dental. We offer Invisalign aligners to give you the smile you are looking for with minimal hassle.


Sometimes referred to as invisible braces, Invisalign is the most advanced clear aligner system in the world, and so far has resulted in over 10 million satisfied smiles. Invisalign is comfortable, discreet – most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them – and far less painful than metal braces. Even better, you only need to come in for check-ups every 8 weeks.


With Invisalign, you can continue eating your favourite foods, keep up with all the sports and activities you love, and take your aligners out to eat, drink and clean your teeth.


How it works

Using a series of clear custom-made aligners, your teeth are gradually and accurately guided into position. They are essentially like a very thin mouthguard or tray worn over your teeth. They are created using industry-leading technology, and are specific to your treatment plan. Invisalign aligners are unique in that they are the only aligners available made out of SmartTrack material, which has been developed after years of research to ensure it is the most comfortable, yet effective material.


Why Choose Invisalign?

Virtually Invisible

With no need for metal wires and brackets, your clear aligners don’t compromise your natural smile during the treatment period. Most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

Greater Comfort

Aligners are easy to put on and remove. It means you can continue to enjoy your favourite foods and activities, and brush and floss your teeth with ease.

Less Pain

Anyone who has had metal braces will tell you they’re painful and awkward. But with the gentle force of Invisalign’s SmartForce technology, you avoid all that!

Better Transparency 

It’s not just your aligners that are clear – your timelines are too. 3D images allow you to visualise every stage of your treatment, giving you a clearer picture of treatment duration.


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