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At Alice Springs Family Dental, we pride ourselves of being able to offer facilities and technology at the height of dental innovation.

Our x-ray machine is the first in Alice Springs to utilize 3D conebeam x-ray technology, which is effective in treatment and planning for multiple important dentistry procedures.

This advancement in digital dentistry means we can identify dental issues with more accuracy and treat them more efficiently.

Our on-site laboratory means we can offer our patients the convenience of same day crowns, bridges and denture repairs.

If you would like to know more about the facilities we have to offer at Alice Springs Family Dental, contact our friendly staff or drop by our practice during business hours.

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Alice Springs Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

If you’ve always dreamed of having a whiter, brighter smile, in-chair and at-home teeth whitening is now available.

Advanced blue LED light-accelerated whitening delivers dramatic results in minimal time.

In just 45 minutes, your teeth could be up to 8 shades whiter*, reversing stains from food, drinks, ageing, even discolouration from some types of medication.

You’ll leave the dentist chair with an instantly brighter, more confident smile.

Call our staff today to book in for a free whitening consult.

In chair sedation

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is a light form of dental sedation.

Your dentist will administer the nitrous oxide through a mask that’s placed over your nose. As the gas is inhaled through the nose, you perceive less pain and experience feeling of euphoria.

Once the procedure is over, the nitrous oxide wears off almost immediately with virtually no effects or recovery time. Great option for nervous children and adults.

Dental Checkup
Dentistry Room

Medicare Schedule (CDBS)

We welcome children of all ages to our clinic.

We bulk bill children aged 2 to 17 years eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). The total dental benefit is capped at $1,052 per child over two years. To access the benefits, certain eligibility criteria need to be met. If your child is eligible, there is no waiting period, and you can make an appointment immediately.

The Child Dental Benefit Schedule covers a range of basic dental services including routine checks, fillings, fissure sealing, x-rays, root canal treatments and extractions.

Call our friendly staff today to check if your child is eligible.

Conebeam X-rays (CBCT)

In a first for Alice Springs, our clinic brings you the 3D cone-beam x-ray.

This technology is effective for treatment and planning for implants and oral surgery, to minimise risks.


We have a lift that is the main point of entry for our clinic, and all our surgery doors are at least 1200mm wide, so plenty of room for everyone.

Mouth X-ray
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On-site Digital Lab

Our on-site laboratory uses cutting edge, digital technology, and we mill and design all our crown and bridges on site.

Our goal is to combine the benefits of modern techniques and technology with experienced practitioners, to deliver long-term solutions that are in the best interests of our patients.

We offer same-day denture repairs, and for our patients’ convenience, same-day crowns and bridges are available.

Denture Creation
Denture Creation
Dr. Arthur Drouganis - Periodontist

Welcoming Visting Periodontist: 

Dr. Arthur Drouganis

Dr Drouganis is a periodontist with over 35 years of experience. In the first half of his career, he practised as a general dentist and the second half as a specialist in the fields of Periodontics and Dental Implantology.

He holds undergraduate and post-graduate degrees from Adelaide University and has published papers in national and international journals on periodontics.

The Alice Springs community is privileged to have Dr Arthur Drouganis bring his experience and knowledge to the red centre.


Please view our brand new facility.